Allan is committed to sharing his approach to leadership and the educational experience he has gained.  In order to do this, our campaign needs financial resources to support our advertising goals and to ensure we reach people across Siskiyou county. Please donate $20 or $50 or whatever you can afford to move our efforts forward.

Contribute Your Words

Allan believes in the power of words and encourages all people to share why they are voting for Allan S. Carver.  Please talk with your family, friends and neighbors to help us get the word out and encourage them to connect with the campaign at the links below.

Contribute Your Message

Allan has worked with hundreds of people over his many years in education.  He would appreciate hearing from those of you who have worked with him, mentored him and encouraged him.  The campaign would appreciate quotes from those of you willing to share why you support Allan.  Your experiences in working with Allan and understanding his approach first hand are valuable.  Please consider sending the campaign a quote we could use in advertising and messaging.

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Allan S. Carver for Siskiyou County Superintendent of Schools

Learn about Allan's vision for the Siskiyou County Office of Education by clicking below.

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